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Well, in less than a week I will be debuting the first episode of Empowered Living Radio!  This is a topic oriented show and the first topic is a big one—Personal Responsibility.  Those two words trigger a variety of emotions in people, everything from defensiveness to pride, bringing up thoughts of blame, shame, and even politics.  Independently and together these two words are emotionally charged.  They are also the foundation for healing and empowerment.

My first guest has experience in both healing and empowerment.  As a certified Victims Advocate, Pam Stack has turned her own domestic violence experience into a powerful tool to help women and children.  She has the courage to share her own story, the empathy to relate to others, and the knowledge that comes from being certified as an advocate.  I encourage you to watch the YouTube video of her story.  Pam is also an entrepreneur.  She is the producer of the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network as well as being the host of her own Authors on the Air show.  Put all of that together, and you know we’re going to have a fascinating, in-depth discussion!

If you know anything about me, or if you have read anything about my book,EMPOWERED LIVING EXPANDED EDITION: A GUIDE TO PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL PROTECTION, you know that Personal Responsibility is one of the pillars of my philosophy.  I am a strong believer that we determine our experience of life, both for the conditions that we consciously manifest and for the conditions that appear to have been set upon us.  I say “appear” because, as you can read in my book, there are many emotional factors and hidden benefits that guide us in detrimental directions.  Before we can recognize these negative tendencies and  implement positive change in our lives we first need to accept that it is in our power to do so.  From that place of power comes our understanding that it is also our responsibility.

As you can see, Pam Stack and I will have lots to discuss in Empowered Living Radio’s debut show!  Please tune in Monday, February 10th at 7pm EST when Pam and I will be chatting live on the air (callers welcome).  The podcast will be immediately archived for you listening convenience.

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HeadShotBeachTori Eldridge
 is the author of EMPOWERED LIVING EXPANDED EDITION, adapts books to screen, writes a monthly muse-letter on mindful living, and is currently writing a multi-cultural thriller series. She has performed in such Broadway shows as CATS, was a series regular on the television hit THE LOVE BOAT, performed the motion capture for the lead in FINAL FANTASY: SPIRITS WITHIN, and recorded with music legend Brian Wilson. Tori is a 5th degree black belt NINJA and has taught empowerment across the country.  Follow Me on Facebook!

Tori Eldridge
Tori Eldridge is a Honolulu-born writer, a 5th degree black belt ninja, and a former actress, dancer, singer on Broadway, television, and film. She writes action-packed, culturally-rich thrillers and mystically intriguing suspense, empowering non-fiction, and has taught ninjutsu and empowerment across the country.
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