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Tori’s debut short story inspired a novel-length ninja mystery-thriller. TV/film/game rights have been secured by Lonetree Entertainment (The Equalizer).

neverfearthetarot-bookcoverNEVER FEAR – THE TAROT
Award-winning and New York Times bestselling authors combine their talents to deal out twenty-six dark tales influenced by the Tarot. Tori’s short story, Ace of Wands, is as horrifying tale of violence and occult set in paradise, shortly after the infamous Bali massacres.

Never Fear The ApocalypseNEVER FEAR – THE APOCALYPSE
William F. Nolan, Mathew Costello, and Ron Goulart headline this collection of apocalyptic tales. Tori’s story, Resistant, is set in an age of antimicrobial resistance where an impressionable young doctor risks all to follow a dangerous trail.

EmpoweredLivingExpandedEdtiion426EMPOWERED LIVING: A Guide to Physical and Emotional Protection (expanded ebook edition) integrates physical and emotional protection the way we integrate body, mind, and spirit in holistic health. She shares some of these empowering concepts with Tom Evans on the Zone Show.

5 Star Amazon Review for EMPOWERED LIVING:
“As a Civil Rights Specialist and Federal Mediator, I use the knowledge on a weekly basis when dealing with interpersonal relationships within my corporation. It is not JUST a book for those looking into self-defense techniques, but those are there. It is not JUST a book for those looking into insights and enlightenment of the human spirit, but those are there, as well. I found myself, time and again, pausing to reflect on the examples and finding that, even as a male, the principles and examples used were applicable to my existence. The bottom line is this is a book that possesses the potential to change lives. 
Tori says in her foreword, “My promise to you, is that everything that you read in this book will be immediately applicable in your daily life…” and on this note, she is absolutely correct. By applying the principles in the text in your daily routine, you can achieve Empowered Living.”

Book signing at Heather Grahams Writers for New Orleans Conference

Book signing at Heather Grahams Writers for New Orleans Conference

Note: The original trade paperback of Empowered Living is no longer in print. The expanded ebook delves more deeply into emotional empowerment.


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