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Inspired by a scene from

BRIGADEIRO! These decadent Brazilian Carmel Fudge Balls are so easy to make. Scrape and stir 1 14oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk with 1 TB Butter and 1/2C Nesquick for about 10 minutes over medium heat. Cool in a dish (I put it in the freezer). Form 1/2 TB size balls (butter your fingers) and roll in chocolate sprinkles! Watch my Instagram Video.

After several attempts, this is what worked best for Tori’s Pão de Queijo Recipe and her food processor. She adores these cheesy puffs almost as much as Michael’s art agent, Jackson White!

Check out Tori’s Moqueca Baiana Recipe (Brazilian Fish Stew) as Serafina prepares in Dance Among the Flames. One thing’s for sure, dendê (red palm) oil makes a huge difference!

Prepare traditional Caipirinha Cocktails for your book club meeting or while reading Dance Among the Flames. Adriana’s husband, Jian Carlo, makes the best, but none of us would want to ask him!

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