About Tori Eldridge

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Tori Eldridge is a Honolulu-born writer with a multi-cultural heritage and a broad life experience who enjoys writing mysteries/thrillers that challenge perception and search for light in some very dark places.

She is a master practitioner of the ninja arts and has an e-book on Amazon called EMPOWERED LIVING: A GUIDE TO PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL PROTECTION.

Her short story, Ace of Wandsa tale of violence and Balinese occult set during a politically turbulent time in Bali’s historyis published in NEVER FEAR – THE TAROT: DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW?

Her next short story, Resistant, will appear in NEVER FEAR – THE APOCALYPSE this April.

Tori’s mystery/thriller projects include the newly completed CALL ME DUMPLING, about a Chinese-Norwegian modern-day kunoichi (female ninja), and RIO’S CROSS, about a California artist tangled in the black magic of Brazil. The latter was inspired by Tori’s screenplay that earned a semi-finalist place for the prestigious Academy Award Nicholl Fellowship. TV/Film/Media rights for both novels have been secured by Lonetree Entertainment.

“With RIO’S CROSS, Tori Eldridge looks for light and hope in the darkest corners of the human heart.  She mixes mysticism and horror with hope and courage to conjure real magic.” –Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of CODE ZERO and FALL OF NIGHT

The cultural diversity in Tori’s novels stems from her upbringing in Hawaii with her Norwegian father from North Dakota and her Chinese-Hawaiian mother from Maui who met and married in Japan. Tori’s mother even swam with a famous swim team in Maui before WWII.

Tori as Tantomile (bottom right) First National Co. - Boston 1984

Tori as Tantomile (bottom right)

Tori graduated from Punahou School (with President Obama), before moving to the mainland to attend Northwestern University. She continued east to the Big Apple where she landed roles in Cats (1st National Tour Original Company), Zorba with Anthony Quinn (Pre-Broadway Tour), The Little Prince and the Aviator with Michael York (Broadway), and the Broadway workshop of Smile with music by Marvin Hamlisch.

Tori left New York and moved west to Los Angeles where she met her husband, became a series regular on The Love Boat.

LoveBoatMermaids 600x737

Tori (top center) with Teri Hatcher (left) 1985

While raising two remarkable sons, Tori provided voice-overs for numerous film and TV shows, recorded with music legend Brian Wilson, and performed the motion capture for both female leads, Aki Ross and Jane, in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. (click link to see Tori and the other actors “capturing” their performance).


While studying and teaching karate, Tori discovered To Shin Do, the contemporary evolution of the ancient art of Ninjutsu founded by Stephen K. Hayes. After years of intensive study, she was awarded the name, Myotoshi (Warrior of the Unfathomable Blade), and promoted to 5th degree black belt. She has traveled the USA teaching seminars on the ninja arts, weapons, women’s self-protection, and empowerment. See Myotoshi in action.

In December 2013, she published the expanded e-book version of her original EMPOWERED LIVING (2005) and was interviewed by Pam Stack on the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network as a special guest author.

Tori and Rinpoche 663x333

Interviewing the 14th Reincarnated Sharmapa

After being invited back two more times in three weeks, Tori was invited to host her own show. Her life continues to be enriched by candid conversation with inspiring people on EMPOWERED LIVING RADIO.

Tori is represented by the Cherry Weiner Literary Agency and is a member of International Thriller Writers Organization, Horror Writers Association, Sisters in Crime, and The Writers Coffeehouse.

Listen to Tori’s views on life, creativity, writing, mediation, and how we can make the world a better place through empowering personal transformation.


7 thoughts on “About Tori Eldridge

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  2. robert kieran beattie

    As of yet I have not met Ms Eldridge in person,. We have, however communicated and shared thoughts, and ideals over the years, It is such an honour to call this lady as my friend… I love her mindful musing insights, her radio blogs, and her constant wisdom/tips, on how to better ourselves/improve our lives…. All in all? I give Ms Eldridge 12 out of 10 🙂 Thank you, my friend 🙂


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