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Video: Final D.C. Virtual Noir at the Bar 2020
Tori Eldridge reads an excerpt between Lily Wong and Sensei at the 42-minute mark

Video: 6 Female Novelists Taking The Literary World By Storm
Tori Eldridge is first up on this gorgeous video expose on exciting female writers.

Video: BookPeople with Meg Gardiner
Tori’s conversation with Meg begins at the eight-minute mark.

Video: The BookFest Fall 2020 Reading Room
Tori Eldridge performs her narrative poem, “Amelia Delia Lee,” published in the inaugural reboot of Weird Tales Magazine.

Video: First Chapter Fun with Hannah and Hank
Hank Phillippi Ryan reads the first few chapters of  The Ninja’s Blade beginning at 10 minute mark.

Video: The Back Room 20 Questions
Ten-minute clip with Karen Dionne, Tori Eldridge, Hank PhillippI Ryan, and Wendy Walker

Video: Once Upon a Crime presents Last Call For Fall
Tori performs chapter from The Ninja’s Blade (00:56) with readings by Rachel Howzell Hall, S.A. Cosby, David Heska Wanbli Weiden, Nikki Dolson, host Jessica Laine

Video: Doylestown Bookshop with L.C. Shaw
Tori and Lynn discuss their new thrillers and writing for a series

Video: Murder by the Book with Boyd Morrison
Lively chat about action in thrillers, benefits of acting experience, and more

Video: Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library
Tori chats with librarian Deborah Niblick about her book and writing process

Video: Flyleaf Books in conversation with journalist Ian McDowell
Ian interviews Tori about The Ninja’s Blade and Lily Wong series

Video: Book Soup Bookstore in conversation with Rachel Howzell Hall
Rachel asks Tori about sex trafficking, race, culture, and writing about Los Angeles

Video: Mysterious Galaxy in conversation with Jonathan Maberry
Tori Eldridge on Virtual Tour for The Ninja’s Blade

Video: Poisoned Pen Bookstore interview with John Charles
Tori Eldridge on Virtual Tour The Ninja’s Blade

Video: The Ninja Everyday with hosts Hardee Merritt and Scott Bragg
Tori “Myotoshi” Eldridge on book and training with To-Shin Do black belts

Video: Thriller Talk Thursday
Host Lynne Constantine chats with Tori Eldridge, Danielle Girard, Kate Moretti

Video: Bookstr Talks – Live from New York City
Miranda Powell interviews ninja author Tori Eldridge

Video: BookSwell Intersections with host Cody Sisco
Tori discusses The Ninja Daughter and L.A. Noir


Podcast: Crime Writers of Color Podcast
Tori Eldridge in a whisky-smooth conversation with host Robert Justice

Podcast: Dropping In with host Diane Dewey
The Ninja’s Blade: Tori Eldridge Talks Cross-Cultural Empowerment

Podcast: Unlikeable Female Characters hosted by Wendy Heard
Tori shares thoughts and anecdotes about violence, vengeance, self-defense, crime fiction, and her favorite knife!

Podcast: It’s Lit with PHDJ hosted by Jocelyn Kapumealani Ng and PHDJ
Tori reads chapters from The Ninja Daughter and The Ninja’s Blade, paired with special songs she selected for each. A really engaging show!

Podcast: Authors on the Air with host Terry Shepherd
Fabulous conversation about art, life, and staying centered in the maelstrom

Podcast: Martial Arts and Life with host Kris Wilder
Tori and Martial Arts Legend Stephen K. Hayes Discuss the Ninja Arts

Podcast: Course Change with host Thor Challgren
5th Degree Blackbelt Leaps Into Career as Mystery/Thriller Novelist

Podcast: Weekly Wilson with host Connie C. Wilson
A lively conversation about The Ninja Daughter and The Ninja’s Blade

Podcast: Martial Arts and Life with host Kris Wilder
A fun and deep conversation about showbiz, family, life, and The Ninja’s Blade

Podcast: The Liars Club Oddcast with guest Tori Eldridge
Hosts Jon McGoran, Merry Jones, Greg Frost, Keith Strunk

Podcast: Writers on the Beat with host Gavin Reese
Ninja Tori Eldridge on Gritty Authenticity

Podcast: Writer Types with host Eric Beetner
Guest host, Wendy Heard, interviews Tori Eldridge and John Vercher

Podcast: The Multiracial Family Man with host Alex Barnett
Special guest Tori Eldridge: dancer, actress, ninja, writer

Podcast: The Gritty Gritty with host Dharma Kelleher
Tori discusses the ninja arts, crime fiction, writing action, violence, and more.

Podcast: Writers on the Beat with host Gavin Reese
Author and real life ninja Tori Eldridge discusses Empowerment

Articles by Tori Eldridge

Mystery Fanfare THE NINJA BETRAYED Cover Reveal
Sneak Peak into Symbolic Cover Design for Lily Wong book 3

Jungle Red Writers Article and Recipe by Tori Eldridge
The Voracious Appetite of the Modern-Day Ninja

CrimeReads Article by Tori Eldridge
Forging Empowerment from Darkness and Despair

Mystery Fanfare Guest Post and Recipe by Tori Eldridge
Tori’s Chinese Comfort Soup

Live Write Thrive Article by Tori Eldridge
How Writers can Benefit from a Sense of Purpose and Routine

Killer Nashville Article by Tori Eldridge
Using Asian-Pacific Pride to Promote Representation in Literature

Hapa Magazine Essay by Tori Eldridge
An Asian Pacific Heritage Story for AAPI Heritage Month

Mystery Fanfare: Writing Athleticism by Tori Eldridge
Essay on career transitions and the physicality of writing

Crime Reads: Essay by Tori Eldridge
The Veracity and Heart of Modern Action Thrillers

The Thrill Begins: Advocate Series
Tori Eldridge pays tribute to author/mentor Jonathan Maberry

Featured Interviews

Nerd Daily – Feature Interview
James Aquilone interviews Tori Eldridge about The Ninja’s Blade

The Big Thrill – Feature Interview
J.H. Bográn interviews Tori Eldridge about The Ninja’s Blade

Washington Independent Review of Books – Feature Interview
The Sword of Justice – Rave Review for The Ninja Daughter

Book People Mystery Bookstore Blog Feature Interview
My Family, My Heritage, My Ninja Training – Tori Eldridge

The Thrill Begins Featured Interview
Cathy Perkins interviews Tori Eldridge about The Ninja Daughter

Hapa Magazine Featured Interview
“It’s 2020, and we’ve been holding out for a new type of hero long enough.”

Foreword Reviews Interviews Tori Eldridge
“A pinch private eye, a dash vigilante, and a heaping helping of dumplings…”

Modern-Day Ninja and a Debut Novel
Elena Taylor interviews Tori Eldridge

Ojo – Writers to Watch
Tori Eldridge interviewed on RVReyes.com/blog

Mystery Tribune: A Dialogue on City Culture and Diversity
Author Conversation with Tori Eldridge, Tracy Clark, Isabella Maldonado

A Few Words with Tori Eldridge, a Modern Ninja
Rich Ehisen interviews Tori Eldridge about The Ninja Daughter

Industry Press and Reviews

Library Journal (Starred Review) for The Ninja’s Blade
“This series continues to impress and should find a wide, appreciative audience.”

Publishers Weekly: Rave Review for The Ninja’s Blade
“Riveting sequel… Exciting mystery… Readers will eagerly await Lily’s next outing.”

StarTribune: High Praise for The Ninja’s Blade
“Eldridge has written a swift, slick PI novel that takes on sex trafficking and social injustice with the sharpness of a, well, Ninja’s blade.”

CrimeReads: A Guide to Deciding Whether Your Fictional Character is a Vigilante or a Straight-Up Killer
Author Layne Fargo breaks down Lily Wong, Dexter, and more

Wiki: 6 Female Novelists Taking The Literary World By Storm
Tori Eldridge, author of The Ninja Daughter and The Ninja’s Blade tops the list

CrimeReads: The Great Los Angeles Crime Novel – and the Women Who Are Revitalizing It
CrimeRead’s article lists The Ninja’s Blade (Lily Wong book 2) in 2020 lineup

Library Journal previews The Ninja’s Blade (Lily Wong book 2)
Mystery, Suspense, & Thriller Trends Plus 49 Exciting 2020 Titles

Library Journal (Starred Review) and Mystery Debut of the Month for The Ninja Daughter
“Readers who enjoy an action-packed adventure that doesn’t neglect character development and speaks truth about the human condition will welcome this quirky, passionate, and endearingly relatable protagonist.”

Publishers Weekly (Rave Review) for The Ninja Daughter
“Eldridge’s wild ride of a first novel marries Kill Bill with Killing Eve..expertly mines both domestic suspense and action thriller.”

Los Angeles Review of Books (Rave Review) for The Ninja Daughter
“This novel explodes on every page. An off-the-charts thrilling debut.”

5/5 Rating from The Girly Book Club for The Ninja Daughter
“A firecracker debut by author Tori Eldridge”

South Florida Sun Sentinel – Best Mystery Books of 2019 – chosen by Oline Cogdill
“Eldridge’s fine storytelling makes Lily a heroine of our times. I hope that this is only the beginning and that there are plenty more Lily Wong adventures coming up soon.”

AudioFile Magazine Rave Review for The Ninja Daughter Audiobook
“Natalie Naudus distinguishes between narrative and Lily’s thoughts, and completely electrifies the fight scenes.”

Criminal Element Review –  The Ninja Daughter by Tori Eldridge
“The story of a modern-day ninja warrior following the code of the #MeToo movement, The Ninja Daughter by Tori Eldridge is as impactful as a throwing star.”

Booklist Rave Review for The Ninja Daughter
“Tough, snarky, and grudgingly vulnerable, Lily Wong is an irresistible heroine set perfectly against a quirky millennial L.A. backdrop.”

The Irresponsible Reader Rave Review for The Ninja Daughter
“The Norwegian-Chinese Ninja Hero You Never Realized You Needed in Your Life”

Book Riot Video Blog Recommends The Ninja Daughter
Ladies Who Are Taking Life Into Their Own Hands – 4:40 mark

Crime Reads – Jess Lourey recommends The Ninja Daughter and Lily Wong series
Look Ahead at Some New Crime and Mystery Series Launching in 2020

BookBub – The Most Anticipated Thrillers of the Fall 2019
“This original and fast-paced action thriller is high on our fall to-be-read list!”

Mystery Tribune 14 Best Crime, Mysteries, and Thriller Books  of November 2019
The Ninja Daughter listed as one of November’s best.

Entertainment Weekly: Exclusive Cover Reveal for The Ninja Daughter
See the Covers for Three Thrillers Bringing Diversity to Crime Fiction

New York Post: Tori Eldridge and The Ninja Daughter mentioned for Agora
A New Publishing Imprint Aims to Bring Diversity to Mystery Thrillers

Publishers Weekly Announces Launch Authors for Polis Books Agora
Polis Books Launches Diversity-Focused Crime Imprint

Unusual Suspects – Crime Fiction That Explores Important Issues of Our Time…
Excitement for The Ninja Daughter, Three-Fifths, and Remember on Book Riot

Shelf Awareness Article for new Agora Imprint
Polis Books Launching Agora Imprint

Mystery Tribune Article Mentions Tori Eldridge and The Ninja Daughter
New Imprint Agora Set to Bring More Diverse Voices to Crime Fiction

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