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Inspiring guests and empowering topics, delivered with heart, laughter, and aloha! Empowered Living Radio is a proud part of the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network.
Find full descriptions of each topic and guest below Soundcloud audios.

ThrillerFestProfileSTAYING POSITIVE – ThrillerFest authors: Brad Parks, Donald Bain, J. L. Hughs, D. P. Lyle, Boyd Morrison, Raymond Benson, J. Carson Black, Reavis Wortham, John Dobbyn, and Tom Avitabile share how they stay positive in the face of self-doubt, crisis, bad reviews, and even death threats.

CaraBrookinsBioDO IT YOURSELF – Cara Brookins, author of RISE: HOW A HOUSE BUILT A FAMILY, shares her family’s empowering solution to the horrors of domestic violence: building a 3500 sq ft home from the ground up! You’ll have to hear Cara’s story to believe it. Talk about empowering!

TBlack and White HeadshotHE ETHICAL WARRIOR – Jack Hoban, Subject Matter Expert for the US Marine Corps Martial Arts Program who has led over 500 seminars on this topic for law enforcement, military, universities, government, and private corporations discusses what it means to be an ethical warrior.

AWFeature PhotoAKENING – Shamar Rinpoche, the 14th reincarnated Shamarpa Red Hat Lama of Tibet shares non-religious wisdom on taming mind, calming emotions, offering compassion without suffering. Abridged version of Non-
Sectarian Buddhist Practices
. In fond memory of Rinpoche.

STOP 600INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE – Cara Brookins (Author of RISE, her
memoir of survival and healing), Pam Stack (Domestic Violence survivor and Certified Victim’s Advocate), and Shannon Fisher (Renown Political Activist) share their experiences and vital information.

JMHeadShotPAYING IT FORWARD – Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of horror, thrillers, and comic books, draws from his broad life experience as a body guard, journalist, judo black belt, mentor, and at-risk youth to share empowering ways to help others.

TommyEmmanuelProfileGIFT OF MUSIC – Australian guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel—a dear family friend, a joyous being, and one of the best guitarists
in the world!—shares thoughts and wisdom about the gift of music. He even treats us to some impromptu finger-picking!

Sonika Tinker & Christian PedersenINTIMACY – Relationship specialists Sonika Tinker & Christian Pedersen share wisdom on intimacy and nurturing communication. Tune in as this husband and wife team offer empowering strategies for awesome-izing your relationship!

BTR ProfileLANGUAGE OF MOTHER EARTH – Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Indigenous advocate and activist shares thought-provoking wisdom on how language effects our perception of, and relationship to, Mother Earth. As a special treat, enjoy Tiokasin’s haunting Red Cedar Lakota flute.

Tony Profile PhotoPRODUCING: THE EQUALIZER – Tony Eldridge, president of Lonetree Entertainment the originating producer on The Equalizer, chats with his wife, Tori, about how things REALLY work in Hollywood: acquiring projects, pitching to studios, assembling talent, and why there are so many producers!

AnneChrisProfileMOTHERS & SONS Anne Rice & Christopher Rice, New York Times Bestselling authors and the most famous mother and son in the literary world, share their personal stories and perspectives on parenting, identity, creativity, growing up, and “coming out.” Recorded at ThrillerFest.

Human AgendaGENDER IDENTITYJoe Wenke, LGBTQI activist, observational satirist, and author of The Human Agenda, chats with Tori about
gender identity, sexual orientation, and our shared humanity. This is a fascinating and illuminating conversation!

MrsXNomoreHOW TO SPOT A PSYCHOPATH – MrsXNoMore, author of The Secret Life of Captain X: My Life with a Psychopath Pilot. If you’ve ever wondered about your spouse, your boss, or anyone else(!), you might want to tune in to find out w
hat it means to be a socialized psychopath.

Tom Evans headshot closerHOW TO LIVE A CHARMED LIFE – Tom Evans–author of New Magic for a New Era, temporal alchemist, and mapper of minds–shares secrets for How to Live a Charmed Life. If you’re tired of the struggle and looking for an easier way, tune in for this intriguing (dare I say enlightening?) conversation.

SmilingNON-SECTARIAN BUDDHIST PRACTICES – Shamar Rinpoche, the 14th reincarnated Shamarpa Red Hat Lama of Tibet, shares profound wisdom for taming the mind, ridding ourselves of afflicting emotions, and offering compassion without suffering in this rare conversation before his passing.

Head Shot (2)POST-DEPLOYMENT WISDOMAdam Fenner–army medic, US Marine, and award winning author of ON TWO FRONTS–shares wisdom with civilians and service members on how to better relate after returning from deployment. Adam served 5 combat tours in the Middle East.

1a Karma Trinlay RinpocheEAST MEETS WESTKarma Trinlay Rinpoche, an Eastern master in a Western incarnation with a Universal message, shares his remarkable journey and perspective as a reincarnated Tulku. Geneva born to French, American Parents and raised by Tibetan Monks = Fascinating Cultural Perspective!

HOLIDAY NOLA ChristmasSTRESSTori Eldridge is interviewed by Pam Stack on her show Authors on the Air about how to eliminate debilitating stress, especially during the holidays. This is one of 3 interviews back in 2013 that led to Tori hosting Empowered Living Radio.

Hakim 600NAKED AND UN-AFRAID – Hakim Isler is a modern-day ninja and a veteran of the Iraq war who survived 21 days in the Himalayas on the TV show NAKED & AFRAID. Hakim and Tori chat ninja-to-ninja about the mental and
emotional challenges of this ordeal and the wisdom he gained from it.

Jennifer S Wilkov - Speaker-Author-Radio Host-2WRONGFULLY ACCUSED – Jennifer Wilkov, a business consultant and who was incarcerated in Rikers Prison for a crime she did not commit, discusses how to embrace life and love it under any circumstance–even when Wrongfully Accused.

IN THE MIND OF ALZHEIMER’SGreg O'Brien Profile – Greg O’Brien, author and journalist who is suffering from Early Onset Alzheimer’s, takes us into the mind of this debilitating disease. Tune in to gain understanding and improve the way you relate to those suffering from dementia.

Elle Sunglasses 600DATING 4.0 – Elle Lothlorien, bestselling romantic comedy author, blogger extraordinaire, and woman of a “certain age,” tells it like it is. Enjoy this candid conversation about the crazy, frustrating, and often ridiculous reality of dating in the internet age.

Orcutt HeadshotMENTAL ILLNESS  Chris Orcutt, critically acclaimed author living creatively and successfully with Bipolar, shares his struggle with mental illness and his strategies for living a healthy productive life. Chris speaks candidly and
eloquently on this important subject.

KrystynProfileA STRONGER BEAUTY – Krystyn Lambert, one of the most recognized women in magic, has an uncompromising conversation about strength, beauty, her struggles with image, and how her sense of empowerment developed from childhood to Vegas stardom!

HDavid at GymEALING WITH FITNESS – David Lyons, founder of the MS Fit
ness Challenge and author of David’s Goliath: Winning the Battle Against All Odds, shares his personal struggle, his empowered choice to fight Multiple Sclerosis through bodybuilding, and the non-profit he and his wife founded.

Baker Dan, White Coat & HatHEALING WITH FOOD – Baker Dan, who specializes in alternative cooking, offers tips for coping with food sensitivities, improving the symptoms of arthritis, and living gluten-free. He and Tori also chat about the social, psychological, and practical considerations of special diets.

Judy Brooks ProfileHEALING WITH ENERGY – Judy Brooks, creator and host of Healing Quest, the only weekly television series (as seen on PBS stations throughout the USA) focused entirely on the latest in integrative health and natural approaches to wellness, shares modern technologies in healing with energy.

David ProfileWORKING THRU HEARTACHE – David Morrell, New York Times Bestselling author and “Father of Rambo,” best known for his iconic thrillers, shares personal insights on grief, marriage, panic attacks. David shares stories from his life and memoir, Fireflies: A Father’s Tale of Love and Loss.

ABeach ProfileGING ADVENTUROUSLY – Robert and Patricia Gussin are a dynamic couple who, after successful careers in medicine and fiction writing, founded Oceanview Publishing, Oceanview Entertainment, and Oceanview Vineyards!
And they did all of this AFTER retirement! 

OApple ProfileWNING YOUR LIFE – Krystyn Lambert, female magician and Criss Angel’s protege, shares insights on how to be an empowered women in a typically un-empowering profession. Krystyn, who’s known Tori since childhood, shares remarkable insights, proving wisdom can be found at any age.

Gary headshotSURVIVAL – Gary Edinger, a true frontiersman, shares his hair-raising ordeal of surviving alone in the wilderness in sub-zero weather with a severed leg! You won’t believe his calm demeanor during the 911 call. This Wisconsin logger shares wisdom on self-reliance and living harmoniously with nature.

Jon Land ProfileFRIENDSHIP – Jon Land, New York Times bestselling author, associate member of the US Special Forces, VP of Marketing for the International Thriller Writers Organization, chats with Tori at ThrillerFest about mentoring, writing, movies, and how friendship is at the core of it all.

Carl DavidLIFE AFTER SUICIDE – Carl David, author of Bader Field, How My Family Survived Suicide, shares his experience of losing an elder brother and role model and the effect suicide had on his whole family. Carl speaks candidly about this sensitive subject in the hopes of helping others.

Heather & Paul ProfileCOLLABORATION – Heather Graham and F. Paul Wilson, are best friends and fellow New York Times bestselling authors who, between them, have over 75 million books in print! They’ve collaborated with many authors during their long careers and took time out from ThrillerFest to share important tips.

ProfileLIVING NUMBERS – Dr. Chadd McGlone, ethnomathematician and founder of Teacher2Teacher, makes numbers relevant and fun. Yes, I said FUN! Tune in for fascinating global stories and surprising applications for math. Tigers,
termites, and teachers? Oh my!

StaleyInformalSCHOOL VIOLENCE – Sam Staley, author, researcher, and university professor, exchanges ideas with Tori, empowerment specialist and 5th degree ninja, on the foundations of empowerment and how to improve family communication. You’ll be surprised where this candid conversation leads.

ProfilePhotoLOVE IN POLITICS – Marianne Williamson, critically acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer, runs for a congressional seat in Los Angeles. Tune in to hear this unusual candidate’s thoughts on nation transformation. Can love exist in politics? Listen and decide for yourself.

My Calendar ShotLIGHTEN UP! – Tom Monteleoneprolific author and horror writing icon, compares embarrassing lessons learned from the crazy world of sci-fi/horror with those Tori learned from her show biz past proving it’s better to laugh than cry. The podcast ends with Tom reading Horn of Plenty. 

TRAHistory MattersDITIONS OLD & NEWSteve Berry (#1 International Bestselling Author) and his wife Elizabeth Berry (Executive Director of ITW) chat about their Southern family traditions, fan book tours, Christmas, Big Daddy, Mama
Duck, and the importance of preserving history.

SandraProfileFAMILY WISDOMSandra Brannan, South Dakota miner and mystery thriller author shares her pioneering spirit, family traditions, faith, and wisdom gained down, sideways, and up through the generations. A cozy conversation for the holidays.

Richard Krevolin ProfileLAUGHTER IN THE DARK – Richard Krevolin, screenwriter, playwright and film-maker discusses his documentary, Making L
ight in Terezin
, which explores the power of laughter and how theater and cabaret improved the lives of the Jews in the Terezin ghetto.

CBrian FB ProfileUSTOMIZING LIFE – Brian Stone, personal trainer, Hall of Fame Black Belt, and the former poster boy for The Crippled Children’s Society. Tune in to hear how someone suffering from Arthrogryposis, a muscle and joint disease that fuses the major joints, overcomes obstacles and lives life on his own terms.

freedom Sq 600FREEDOM – Maha, an asylee of the United States, lived her first 22 years at the mercy of those who would sell, beat, and imprison her. She survived
because of her spirit, courage, and determination. Maha shares her horrifying
experiences in Yemen with the cheerful voice of someone who is finally free.

???????????????????????????????ASYLUM – Judge Bruce J. Einhorn, a federal immigration judge who helped to write the USA asylum law, explains the nuances of asylum and how it differs
from general immigration. His insights are profound as he shares tales of pro
secuting Nazi war criminals and assisting refugees.

CoverSqSEXUAL REVOLUTIONS  Sally Howard, human-interest journalist for The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, and Forbes, and author of The Kama Sutra Diaries, discusses the sexual revolutions of the world, specifically in India, past and present. Fascinating and illuminating!

Daniel Palmer ProfileFATHERHOOD – Daniel Palmer, father of two and author of critically-acclaimed suspense novels, celebrates fatherhood with at tribute to his own dad, beloved New York Times Bestselling author Michael Palmer M.D. Tune in for some great storytelling!

CymLowellHeadShotTOOLS FOR SUCCESS – Cym Lowell, author of Jaspar’s War, is donating 100% of his book’s proceeds to provide voice-controlled laptops for our nation’s military heroes! Tune in to hear this international attorney’s secrets to success and what inspired him to help his fellow veterans.

RHead Shot DDAISING KIDS – Deborah Doucette, author, journalist, and mother of four
(including her biological granddaughter who she adopted in infancy) shares tips and pitfalls concerning adoption and multi-generational child-rearing.
Tune in as Deborah and Tori exchange thoughts on parenting.

1 Chaz Guest ProfileEYES OF AN ARTIST – American artist Chaz Guest chats about super heroes, synchronicity, culture, art, music, empowering our young people, and how to live a life of substance as a child of the universe! Take a look at how one artist views the world.

faceshot 2TRANSFORMATIVE TRAVEL – Linda Ballou, travel writer and author, leads us on a virtual vacation from one end of the world to the other, embracing nature, facing fears, and finding wisdom. Tales of exotic locations, hair-raising events, and awe-inspiring sights will spark your wandering spirit.

Col SolomonsFINDING COMMON GROUND – COL Mark Solomons, serving as an advisor to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2014 and veteran of 4 combat tours, 3 rotations in Iraq, and numerous Peace Keeping and Peace Enforcing missions, shares his perspective on the Middle East.

??????????????????WHAT IF…
 – Kathleen Pickering, award winning author of romance, fantasy and self-awareness, explores the benefits of supposition and the power of trust. She and Tori broaden their perspective and “try on” an assortment of beliefs by playing the What If Game:  What if ____ were true?

Karen MagillUNEXPECTED BLESSINGS  Karen Magill, author of On the Right Side, My Story of Survival and Success. chats with Tori about her experiences with Multiple Sclerosis and the unexpected blessings she received as a result. She and Tori discuss the importance of an empowering perspective.

Sandra Brannan 2013-2014 600x600MENTORING  Sandra Brannan, mystery/thriller author and South Dakota miner, shares her experiences with mentoring and the elements that make this type of relationship successful. She and Tori also discuss the qualities that encourage others to help us. There’s more to it than you might think!

Pam's 40th BirthdayPERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – Pam Stack, a Certified Victims Advocate and survivor of domestic abuse, exchanges lessons and wisdom about the power of personal responsibility and what that means in regards to abuse. This is an important topic and an empowering conversation.

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