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Ground’s Eye View

Unless we’re thinking about growing plants, most people seem to view the ground as a hard, dirty place to avoid. Even inside we head straight for the chairs and couches rather than plopping ourselves on the floor. Modern societies have created enticing and ingenious ways to elevate ourselves above good ole Mother Earth. But is that a good thing? Continue reading

Remembering What I Forgot I Knew

Surrender. That’s what she said I needed to do.

Really, I thought. Couldn’t we do something a little more pro-active like lift some weights, run a few miles, or hold a yoga contortion until my limbs collapse and I want to puke?
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Crushing the Streak: Wisdom on Attachment & Perception Gained from the Common Cold

Let’s face it, being sick or injured sucks. Bet you never thought you’d see me, Ms. Empowerment, writing something like that, did you? But here’s the thing—does it really have to be that tortuously unpleasant? Can the conditions in our life be less than stellar and still manage to offer some pleasant perks? I’m thinking they can. Continue reading

Staying Young

As we get older, there’s a tendency to cross certain physical activities off the list as being too childish, too dangerous, or simply beyond our strength, agility, and balance. But are they? How many of those physical challenges are off the list for no more reason than we’ve lost our courage to try?

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