Next to the birth of our children, our wedding, and an assortment of other reasonably important occasions, the opening of this particular film is one of the grandest landmarks of our marriage. Why? Because we survived!

But seriously, it’s the culmination of decades of focused intent, tireless dedication, and faith—the faith part was the extent of my wifely contribution—but also because…
we survived!

You see, the life of a producer is one of risk and passion, which makes marriage to a producer a bit… unpredictable. If security and stability are deal-breakers, you best move along! Fortunately for us, I’ve always valued freedom and creativity more than financial peace of mind—and if you’ve been reading my Mindful Musings, you know how I feel about worry—so Tony and I are a great match!

That doesn’t mean, however, that the ride hasn’t been riddled with plummeting drops and stomach-churning corkscrews. Some of those drops lasted so long that we couldn’t see the next rise. Some of the defeats felt so permanent that we were tempted to give them their own bedroom. Sorry boys; there’s always the couch. But God favors fools and children. So, here we are… young at heart… and we’d love for you to celebrate with us!

Step 1)  Go see THE EQUALIZER! Heck, take a posse and storm the theaters. Snap photos of your baddass selves while you’re there and Tweet, post, and otherwise make a nuisance of yourself.

Step 2)  Listen to PRODUCING: THE EQUALIZER W/ GUEST TONY ELDRIDGE ON EMPOWERED LIVING RADIO, an awesome podcast with Tony and I as we chat about the journey, future projects, amazing authors (Heather Graham, Jonathan Maberry, Raymond Benson, Jeff Miller, David Fisher, Vera S. William), and how things REALLY work in Hollywood.

Step 3)  Read ON THE SET OF THE EQUALIZER, my Mindful Musing on our 2013 adventures in Boston watching Denzel Washington and Chloe Grace Moretz shoot their riveting diner scenes under the careful direction of Antoine Fuqua.

Step 4)  Enjoy photos from my THE EQUALIZER PREMIERE Facebook album. And while you’re there, follow or friend me!

Step 5)  Share the excitement with me on TWITTER @ToriEldridge.

Mahalo from Us 600x419

Tori Eldridge is the author of Empowered Living Expanded Edition: A Guide to Physical and Emotional Protection, available as an e-book on Amazon.



9 thoughts on “Celebrating THE EQUALIZER

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  4. Kevin J. Hotter

    My wife and I will certainly check out the Equalizer when we return to LA next week! Congrats to you and your husband. I just read your “about” section, and I am impressed with your accomplishments. Have a great evening! And you have found a new follower. – Kevin


  5. torieldridge Post author

    Mahalo, Linda! It’s certainly shaping up that way. Off to see it for the 4th time (first was in post-production, second at the Toronto Film Festival premiere, and the third for USA premiere), but this time it will be in IMAX! No concerns in our household, just a whole lot of fun. 😀


  6. lindaballou

    I’m sure Equalizer will be a smash hit and all your concerns will evaporate! You will be able to sit back with your feet up overlooking the blue Pacific and collect those big bucks. Best of Luck Linda



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